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Whether it is Your marketing tools, business logistics or distribution network- businesses need fast transition between data aggregation and business strategy adjustments accordingly. By eliminating intermediate stage of prolonged data analysis we are offering a better way of making decisions fast and with more confidence.
  • Project Management

    Efficient project management with team collaboration is an essential part at sustaining competitive business. Seamless integration with sales and HR capabilities offers rapid reactions to changes, which is especially important in IT projects.
    Project Management
  • Marketing Solutions

    Unique integration of web marketing and live data aggregation on either your projects or our extensive network of online solutions. We will help you find the best way to collect/analyze data and market your products or business.
    Marketing Solutions
  • Distribution Resource Planning

    Distribution Planning supports key decision-making processes, including Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) and distribution requirement / resource planning (DRP). Simulation tools let you look at finished items or product families, with a view of requirem
    Distribution Resource Planning
  • Enterprise Resource Planning

    Integrated enterprise resource planning solution that delivers flexibility and agility to drive growth and opportunity throughout your business. Our ERP solution can be deployed to fit your operational needs, resources, and budget as a SaaS.
    Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Personal Finance

    Manage your finance on a go and sync with your dropbox account for ultimate safety
    Personal Finance
  • Dynamic Data Management

    Data gathering and report making can be tedious and labor inefficient when done using conventional methods, thus we are offering automated tools for such tasks, so you can use your capital and human resources for actually making money rather than preparing for it.
    Dynamic Data Management
  • Inventory Management

    Whether your business is product, manufacturing or service oriented our product will help you track your inventory, orders, sales and deliveries. Save in costs of overstocking and at the same time prevent outages. Run ahead of your competition with less cash tied up in inventories by managing your inventory with this intelligent package.
    Inventory Management