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Inventory Management

Whether your business is product, manufacturing or service oriented our product will help you track your inventory, orders, sales and deliveries. Save in costs of overstocking and at the same time prevent outages. Run ahead of your competition with less cash tied up in inventories by managing your inventory with this intelligent package.

  • Maintain stock balance. Observe trends with automatically. Our inventory management package can observe market seasonal market fluctuations based on weather forecasts, seasonal events, holidays. You are no longer limited by statistical data that is kept in your records, but rather on live events happening in your industry.
  • Cut down on costs associated with short lifespan products. Keep an eye of storage requirements, always know when items are about to expire and act accordingly.
  • Track how inventory moves. This is especially important in multi warehouse environments. NO matter if you're moving stock from one place to another for long term storage of cross docking needs, you will always be able to know where everything is.
  • Track orders and purchases. Our software will seamlessly integrate with your accounting and/or warehouse software as well as POS locations so you can keep your eye on important aspects in one place and act accordingly.